Our work with the Transparency Act

Our work with the Transparency Act

The Group has a stated goal of taking a leading role in following up on social responsibility in the supply chain and being a responsible employer. Posten Bring actively works to ensure that we respect fundamental human rights and decent working conditions in our own operations and in our supply chain.

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The risk related to our own employees is considered low, with 97% of employees covered by a collective agreement, primarily operating in the Nordic countries, and many years of systematic work to ensure decent working conditions in the company. The most significant risk of breaches of labor rights and human rights is in our supply chains. As an international transport and logistics company, the Group faces known risks both internationally and in domestic markets. In the report, we describe the risks we are aware of, the types of violations we have uncovered, and how we work to prevent such occurrences. The report includes information on due diligence assessments for both our own employees and our suppliers.

The challenges related to labor rights and human rights are significant and complex within many supply chains. In some supply chains, it is possible to achieve results quickly, while in others, it may take a long time to ensure that conditions are satisfactory. Nevertheless, we believe that this work is effective and contributes to providing workers with safe and decent working conditions and ensuring that people do not feel that their fundamental human rights are threatened.

We describe this work in the report. You can find information on:

  1. How responsibility is anchored in the Group
  2. Risk assessment
  3. Measures we have implemented
  4. How we follow up suppliers and internal matters in the company
  5. Communication with stakeholders
  6. Cooperation on recovery/compensation

You can read more about due diligence assessments in the report (in Norwegian only) here. If you need more information than what we have provided in the report, you can send an email to apenhetsloven@posten.no. Inquiries via mail can be sent to:

Posten Bring AS Attn: Group Procurement P.O. Box 1500 Sentrum 0001 Oslo.