Vision and values

Vision and values

Our vision and values ​​build the culture and set the standard for how we work, both internally and externally.

Child on a skateboard, Posten vehicle in the background

Our strategy sets a clear direction for our investment in the coming period.

In short, we will continue to develop new, sustainable and innovative services that make us the customer's first choice, and we will adapt operations and networks to the market. This means that we will deliver the best customer experience and the industry's most attractive service offering, we will invest even more in technology and innovation, and through responsible value creation we will be the green choice.

Our vision

We make everyday life easier and the world smaller.

Our values

Our values ​​are three short, active sentences:

  • Takes responsibility
  • Plays on teams
  • Wants more

These values ​​reflect a group that is trustworthy and that we are proud to work for. They help build our common culture, and are a guideline for all decisions. At the same time, see what will characterize how we work and how we behave towards each other, our customers and partners.


We will simplify and increase the value of trade and communication for people and businesses in the Nordic region.

Main goal

Our four main goals will ensure that we continue to reach the group's vision. We must be:

  • The customer's first choice
  • Leading in technology and innovation
  • Best at sustainable value creation
  • Most attractive workspace