Requirements for working conditions, environment, and ethics

Requirements for working conditions, environment, and ethics

These are our demands and expectations for decent working conditions, ethics, and human rights.

Posten Bring worker in the snow

For us, sustainable supply chains involve that working conditions, the environment, and ethics are handled responsibly by our suppliers. Suppliers play a crucial role in contributing to reduced carbon emissions, ensuring employees have proper employment agreements, documented wages, freedom of association, compliance with working time regulations, and the well-being and safety of employees. We, therefore, work systematically and purposefully to ensure responsible and sustainable supply chains.

Supplier Code of Conduct

Suppliers to Posten Bring are committed to respecting fundamental human rights and ensuring decent working conditions in their own operations and in their supply chains. The "Ethical Standard for Suppliers" should be a part of the contract with all our suppliers and can be downloaded below:


We also expect our Norwegian suppliers of goods and services to comply with the "Transparency Act." More information on how we work to ensure decent working conditions and human rights in the supply chain can be found on our Transparency Act page here.

Supplier Follow-Up

We assess our suppliers through background checks, self-evaluations, unannounced inspections with driver interviews, vehicle inspections, and system audits of transporters.

Suppliers to Posten Bring are committed to transparency and providing insight into supplier reviews and inspections.

Tax and Fee Information

We have also entered into a cooperation agreement against labor market crime with the Norwegian Tax Administration. The cooperation provides us with information that makes it easier for us to contribute to professionalism in the van industry.